Monday, April 7th, 2014

These great new features and improvements are now available!

Pearson Content!
We are excited to bring you Pearson Formative Assessment Items through our partnership with Pearson Publishing. For Pearson’s small per-teacher licensing fee, you will be able to choose from 29,000 professionally-authored, ready-to-use questions for grades 3-12 ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies, aligned to all 33 states’ standards along with Common Core, conveniently within your ALL In Learning cloud account. For more information on accessing these questions, please contact


Item Bank Interface Upgrades
Being able to choose from banks of ready-to-use questions is incredibly helpful and time-saving. Now we’ve made it even easier to find the questions you want, whether they are ExamView banks your school already owns, custom-authored campus questions, or optional Pearson Formative Assessment Items!

           create new import item bank.png
pearson items 2.png

See Percent of Students At or Above a Custom Passing Level

We are always giving you more ways to view data, because the right perspective can be eye opening. You’ll now find a customizable “Set Passing Level” field in our Reports tab — enter a number such as 70, click the “Filter” button, and see what percent of the students are at or above that number.

            passing level.png

This feature can be found by teachers in their Student Proficiency report, by PLC members in their Lesson Performance PLC Report, and by campus admins in their Lesson Performance report.

Search Box for Standards in Item Bank Interface

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to find item bank questions based on a desired standard — and to attach standards to your own questions — by giving you a handy little search box in the interface, so you don’t have to drill down and scroll through standards. Just type in the label.

And Much, Much More!
We are always making our site more robust, fast, and easy to use, and besides the flashy new features above, we’ve done some less noticeable but equally important work under the hood this time around as well. For example, we put in a connection tester so that if you lose your internet connection while grading, we notify you so that you can restore it before proceeding; we updated our QR Code generating engine so that it can deliver your prints faster; and we made AWARE test syncing more efficient and trouble-free.