Amazing Reports

Simple and Efficient

The ALL In Cloud gives teachers simple and efficient ways to access data from their own learning activities and assessments as well as coordinated PLC/data team common assessments.
Teachers can capture information quickly and easily from a variety of data points and assessment types to obtain the best picture of student performance immediately and over time.

See class and student performance by common core or state standard:

    • Standards report class
    • Student standard report


Quickly identify the students who are doing well and who need remediation:

    • Student score
    • Analyze student performance over time via value added analysis and performance by standard
    • Value added analysis
    • Student standard report multiple tests


With ALL In Learning, your PLCs/data teams can spend time analyzing data and responding to the students’ needs, not tediously crunching numbers.

Quickly score student tests in the cloud with most web/doc cams or collect data with iOS devices using the ASSIST app for teachers or the Engage and Learn app for students or ALL In Response. Once you have the results, your PLCs/data teams can quickly identify the students for RTI.

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If your assessment was standards-based, you can identify the standards which require attention. This leads to the identification of class strengths and weaknesses by standards and informs instructional strategies moving forward.

Individual student strengths and weaknesses by standard can easily be identified and used to drive RTI strategies for students. This lets teachers focus on who needs help and where the same day the student was assessed.

Because the data is available to PLCs/data teams instantly, PLC time is spent analyzing results and identifying what is and isn’t working.  ALL In Learning frees up teachers to collaborate with their peers and work with students.

It’s Simple

Setting up your PLC/data team in the ALL In Learning Cloud couldn’t be easier. Sharing the common assessment across your PLC/data team is simple. Capturing the results is a breeze. Your PLC/data team gets plenty of data in real-time. Teachers save hours of time not having to collect data and then manipulate it Excel. The PLC/data team time is now spent working as a team to impact student progress!