1:1 Solutions

Engage and Learn!

Whether your school is 1:1 with iPads, Chromebooks, or other mobile devices or only has a few computers, our Engage & Learn feature gives teachers content and assessment options to engage students and capture instant student comprehension data from day one.



Display on-screen questions with multiple choice and short answers, or use your devices as instant paperless bubble sheets alongside a hard copy of a test. Results flow into great-looking, actionable reports, giving you instant feedback while saving tons of grading time!


Teachers can select the Remediate option in their Reports tab to assign automatic remediation to each student on the questions they answered incorrectly. Students can use their devices’ web browsers to do the activity, providing even more data for the teacher.


Use those devices for engagement and instructional activities that kids can do on their own! You can create instructional slides or import your existing PowerPoint (pptx) files, and add some questions to see instantly if they understood the content!