We have a Suite of Educational Tools

We have a variety of products to assist with all your educational testing needs. Our tools are designed to be efficient and eco-friendly saving you time and money.

ASSIST App for iPod Touch & iPad

Cloud-based Instruction for TeachersASSIST is an iPod Touch/iPad app enabling teachers to collect assessment data for summative, common, and formative assessment. With the ASSIST app the iPod Touch and iPad are a Mobile Teaching and Assessment Platform. ALL In Learning provides the framework for utilizing ASSIST effectively in its professional development seminar.
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Assessment Evaluation System

The PLUS Assessment Evaluation System gives teachers, schools and district administrators real-time classroom data from a variety of assessment instruments. ALL In Learning focuses on assessment strategies which have value to teachers, PLCs, school and district administrators » more

PLUS Software

ALL In Learning’s instructional platform “PLUS” revolutionizes how instruction can be presented, accessed and stored. Teachers no longer need to accept the limitations of a linear client-based software solution such as PowerPoint. » more


ALL In Learning’s professional development seminar equips educators with research-based assessment strategies. Using the ASSIST app and PLUS Software, teachers will use their assessment instruments in different assessment environments. » more